How SkySparc can accelerate your DevOps journey

The adoption of DevOps practices has brought significant benefits to many banks and financial institutions, not least improving response times and accelerating product development cycles through continuous delivery.

The ability to simplify communications between development team members across locations and time zones has particular appeal to the Murex user community, for whom fast and effective collaboration is business critical. If implemented with discipline, DevOps can also significantly reduce costs often associated with ongoing MX.3 development.

Murex has supported clients’ journey toward continuous integration and delivery through its MX continuous evolution suite, which offers the tools and methodology to reduce the time and cost of development through increased collaboration and automation. Through file-based code sharing, it collates and coordinates developers’ configuration changes, optimizing the path from coding to testing to continuous delivery.

The suite also allows for smoother MX.3 patches and version upgrades, enabling the vendor to bring new functionality and features on stream to a schedule that meets the clients’ precise needs and with fully automated testing. When a user has adopted DevOps practices, an upgrade becomes a collaborative and time-and cost-efficient process to which both parties contribute improvements.

But adopting a DevOps approach to developing and enhancing MX.3 is no small feat, given the system’s flexibility and wide range of capabilities. Rigorous controls and synchronization must be embedded from the outset to ensure coordination within the continuous integration and continuous delivery environment.

Some large users have required set-up projects of between six and nine months in order to implement the tools, routines and review processes effectively, ensuring file sharing is fully supported to optimize quality collaboration between programmers while exerting high levels of version control.

Optimizing DevOps at scale is both a great challenge and a great prize. By working in partnership with SkySparc, Murex users can quickly implement the MX continuous evolution suite, tailoring its valuable processes to their particular needs. The increased flexibility and productivity they generate through an effective DevOps capability will put them on the right path for enhanced functionality, time-to-market, and business value.

Khaled Hammar, Expert, SkySparc

Due to extensive hands-on project expertise, SkySparc is able to support MX.3 users to get the most out of their implementation of MX continuous evolution suite in the shortest time. Through decades of Murex experience, SkySparc can ensure clients avoid the pitfalls on their continuous integration and delivery journey, putting in place the processes and methodologies to deliver significant business value over time.

As with all our consulting projects, SkySparc provides the client with comprehensive support, from project scoping to implementation to testing to release management, all conducted to achieve maximum levels of automation and quality assurance.