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How test automation minimizes upgrade disruption

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Whether they bring new functionality or just technical and security enhancements, system upgrades are also expected to bring disruption. This applies to users of FIS Treasury and Risk Manager - Quantum Edition (FIS Quantum) just as much as any other treasury system.

But this does not have to be the case. Technology advances over the past decade have increased both the frequency and the efficiency of system upgrades. Larger upgrades can still be more disruptive and labor-intensive for the internal teams, but here too much of the process is being simplified and automated, including testing.

Testing is critical to the success of a system upgrade or implementation of any size. Further, independent assurance from a credible third-party is recognized as an essential part of the upgrade process, offering a level of verification and certainty not available from a vendor alone.

Over the past 20 years, SkySparc has partnered with countless users of treasury systems, large and small, to develop and deliver a comprehensive suite of test automation services. Designed for minimal disruption, these provide clients with the ability to efficiently test all business processes before upgrades go live, giving assurance of a smooth transition and future performance.

OmniFi’s automated testing capabilities extend across all stages of the testing process, with automated test packages usable across unit, integration and user acceptance testing, and reusable into the future. Further, OminiFi’s fully automated regression testing capabilities identify, analyze and correct deviations in line with defined thresholds.

OmniFi’s approach to automated testing primarily leverages APIs in FIS Quantum.

With this method OmniFi can efficiently extract data from static data views, reports (including Analytics & EWF) and it can also perform deal entry and other workflow operations in the system.

Being able to test the entire business process means that OmniFi can replace the need to spend time on manual testing and data entry.

The market-leading capabilities of this dedicated tool are complemented by the methodologies, test case libraries and consulting expertise that comes with decades of test automation experience.

In combination, SkySparc offers an unparalleled test automation service to users of FIS Quantum, including training to help develop in-house expertise.

SaaS or on-premise

Technology advances continue to drive change and deliver new levels of functionality and efficiency. Upgrades will only increase in frequency and must be considered as business as usual. For this reason, OmniFi and its test automation capabilities are available on a SaaS basis, providing rich functionality and full remote support to minimize cost of ownership, while offering an on-premise option if preferred.

Whatever the size or nature of your system upgrade challenge, SkySparc has the test automation capabilities to minimize disruption and maximize assurance.