Infrastructure as-a-Service

Integrated, comprehensive cloud hosting service for Wallstreet Suite

SkySparc streamlines cloud hosting for treasury users

SkySparc’s new cloud hosting solution – Infrastructure as-a-Service – offers treasuries the benefits of hosting Wallstreet Suite (WSS) in the cloud without the delays, restrictions and complexities of other services. As an extension of our highly regarded Outsourced Support service, SkySparc Infrastructure as-a-Service is a flexible, customizable and comprehensive package, combining streamlined hosting of WSS and OmniFi with a full range of maintenance, upgrade, environment management, configuration and other support services.

This lets treasury teams focus on optimizing their processes and integrating WSS with multiple value-added apps and tools, whilst SkySparc’s uniquely experienced and expert support staff look after all the back-end issues in the cloud.

Cloud migration opportunities and challenges

Many large organizations are migrating their core systems from on-premise to cloud hosting to achieve benefits including, e.g. reduced cost, increased flexibility and easier connectivity to new tools and apps, whilst aiming to minimize implementation challenges, such as security, maintenance and integration hurdles.

For many treasury departments, this has meant moving their core treasury management platform as part of an enterprise-wide cloud migration initiative. Some have had a positive experience, improving workflows and connecting to new analytics tools. But for many, the experience has been highly frustrating, largely through the involvement of multiple parties in migrating, upgrading and maintaining systems in the cloud.

Frequent problems include:
  • Hosting provider authorization / scheduling process causing delays to WSS-related changes
  • WSS upgrade difficulties whilst or after migrating to cloud, due to complexity of maintaining multiple environments
  • Post-migration WSS configuration and access difficulties, leading to costs and / or delays
  • Lack of WSS expertise by hosting providers, reducing responsiveness and flexibility
  • Time and effort spent on multiple legal contracts
  • Delays in upgrading OmniFi due to server / database availability and request processing via third-party administrator
  • Restrictions on choice of database platform or operating system

Customizable hosting and support

SkySparc’s new Infrastructure as-a-Service solution is a flexible, comprehensive and vendor-independent service covering: hosting, environment management, monitoring and maintenance support, upgrades etc. We partner with cloud hosting specialist B3 Consulting Group to offer a fully secure and scalable solution, backed by experience, expertise and quality assurance.

  • Full secure access – Industry-standard cloud computing solution Microsoft Azure is fully integrated into client’s network and on-premise systems, allowing access to Microsoft and open source apps
  • Low TCO – Pay as you go; greater control of use of services to manage costs over time (long-term contract could reduce costs by 15-20%); and full OmniFi integration
  • User-friendly, structured support – Single point of contact, one highly-responsive team delivering all services, using ticket-based management system
  • Scalable – Unlimited storage; extra computing power can be added/reduced as needed
  • WSS expertise – SkySparc’s unparalleled functional and technical knowledge allows treasury staff to focus on front-end processes
  • Flexibility - Select from our full range of vendor-agnostic, outsourced support services across maintenance, upgrades, configuration and environment management
  • Compliant – Meets national / regional data residency requirements through choice of data centers
  • Robust – Azure’s regional system of paired / mirrored data centers support business continuity / disaster recovery