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SkySparc Interim Treasury Specialists: By Your Side in Treasury Operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the way we work; remote and hybrid jobs are now part of the new normal in employment practices. People are also rethinking their work/life balance, prioritizing what means most to them in life. The result has been called ‘the Great Resignation’ as people quit their jobs to pursue more fulfilling roles, often in completely different industries.

For treasuries, this could not have come at a worse time. The lockdowns sparked by the pandemic highlighted the need for more rapid action on current digitalization strategies. To date, many transformation programs have been too slow and have focused only on core treasury competence, overlooking the need to also pay attention to treasury technology.

The Treasury Management International/Barclays European Treasury Survey stated that treasury headcount would be a significant challenge in 2022. Of those surveyed, 17% cited it as the main hurdle preventing them from reaching their treasury goals. This is leading treasurers to look for additional skills – principally data analytics and artificial intelligence expertise – in new recruits.

This state of flux has increased operational risk for treasuries, as supply and demand on the labor market make finding the candidates with the appropriate skills and experience more difficult. Pursuing digitalization and transformation strategies when there is a dearth of talent is almost impossible – for many treasury operations, keeping the lights on is the best they can achieve.

Solving the skills crisis with SkySparc Interim Treasury Specialists

SkySparc has reacted quickly to this phenomenon with SkySparc Interim Treasury Specialists, a new service that can mitigate treasurers’ operational risks by providing Interim Treasury specialists for a range of scenarios. These include:

  • The need to release a key treasury resource from daily operational tasks to focus on digitalization and transformation acceleration. A SkySparc Interim Treasury specialist can seamlessly perform the daily operational tasks of your treasury resource, allowing them to focus on what matters most.
  • Filling the temporary skills gap when hiring new candidates or when key treasury staff are on vacation, parental or sick leave. SkySparc Interim Treasury specialists ensure treasury continuity is secured.

Whatever your current need is, SkySparc has a treasury interim resource with in-depth treasury and treasury technology skills ready for you.

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