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Applying innovation
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Whatever your core business, organizations need to ensure their systems continue to operate efficiently. SkySparc delivers a range of automated SaaS solutions that help clients to optimize solutions, smooth data integrations and calculate risk. Explore our range of core technological tools essential for accelerating your digitalization journey.


OmniFi delivers sustainable business value to the data-driven enterprise across the front, middle and back office, by empowering treasury teams to automate processes and integrate systems to enable seamless data flows. OmniFi’s Cloud-first service model delivers comprehensive functionality and maintenance remotely under a SaaS model.

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Datamart Optimizer for Murex

SkySparc’s Datamart Optimizer provides a fully automated solution which relies on algorithms to efficiently remove redundant calculations and legacy fields, freeing critical current processing scripts to operate smoothly and efficiently. SkySparc’s solution emphasizes simplicity, speed and safety, without needing access to the client’s environment or sensitive data.

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Value at Risk (VaR) solution

SkySparc has developed a Value at Risk (VaR) solution that enables clients to flexibly and cost-effectively estimate the covariance matrix required for tracking VaR for their portfolios of financial instruments. By using SkySparc VaR solution, clients no longer need to purchase costly VaR data externally.

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