Test services

Technological advances over the past decade have increased both the frequency and the efficiency of system upgrades, and testing is a critical component of a successful system upgrade or implementation of any size. Further, independent assurance from a credible third-party is recognized as an essential part of the upgrade process, offering a level of verification and certainty not available from a vendor alone.

Over the past 20 years, SkySparc has developed and delivered a comprehensive suite of test automation services. We provide full independent quality assurance, based on our wealth of experience, methodology, and purpose-built software tools such as OmniFi.

Designed for minimal disruption, our expert testing process provides clients with the ability to efficiently test all business processes before upgrades go live. Our consultants also help to up-skill in-house teams to exploit the full potential of OmniFi’s powerful automation.

We knew SkySparc for their deep knowledge of their well-developed testing methodology and for their OmniFi testing platform. Given the emphasis on quality and auditability of the project, it was very helpful to have SkySparc manage the end-to-end testing as an expert third party with a clear and documented methodology.

Helena Tummings, Business Project Manager, SBAB

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