SkySparc Datamart Optimizer

Improving and shortening your End-of-day process

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The Datamart Optimizer offers a simple, fast and cost-effective solution to the severe financial and operational problems caused by grindingly slow end-of-day (EOD) processes.

The challenges

The Datamart is MX.3’s backbone, supporting numerous reporting requirements across P&L, risk, regulation, accounting and operations. But Datamart’s growing complexity can reduce efficiency, especially if routines and processes are not regularly cleaned out, i.e. when they are replaced or updated. The risks of an expanding Datamart configuration are many and material:

Reduced overall MX.3 performance and stability
High maintenance costs to address slow EOD/EOM/Intra-day processes
Missed reporting deadlines and deliverables
Limited bandwidth for new developments

Our solution

SkySparc’s Datamart Optimizer provides a fully automated solution which relies on algorithms to efficiently remove redundant calculations and legacy fields, freeing critical current processing scripts to operate smoothly and efficiently. Key elements of the solution include:

Algorithm-based, fully automated
All dependencies identified and managed
Unused fields and calculations detected and eliminated
Can be run on a regular basis, not just in a crisis
Creation of optimized CTT packages
Documentation summarizing the changes within the optimized CTT

Key benefits

Based on extensive and rigorous internal testing, SkySparc’s Datamart Optimizer can improve the efficiency of the MX.3 Datamart. It is not unusual to find savings in a range of 30% to 50% bringing substantial operational and strategic benefits to Murex users:

Timely, efficient EOD/EOM/Intra-day processes
Enhanced MX.3 performance
Reduced production risks
Less manual intervention/maintenance
Greater capacity for new reporting initiatives
Improved TCO and immediate results

Our proposition

SkySparc’s strong conviction is that Datamart Optimizer can bring significant business benefits to all Murex users. A newly-cleansed Datamart will support business-critical requirements and efficient day-to-day processes, allowing valuable resources to focus on forward-looking development projects.

A subscription to SkySparc Datamart Optimizer will result in superior enhancement rates to other solutions. If you are trying to identify and remove inefficiencies in your Datamart configuration,
please reach out to us for a demo.