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SkySparc is a fast-growing business delivering high-quality services to a demanding global finance sector client base. We have an ambitious growth plan that will reward those that help to realise it. Just as important as your academic qualifications and professional achievements will be your ability to create opportunities, solve problems, build partnerships and inspire colleagues.

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SkySparc’s unparalleled reputation for delivering efficient, automated patch upgrade projects is well earned. I look forward to working closely with the team and clients to further refine and develop our upgrade services. Clients across all segments are now appreciating the cost-efficiency and security benefits of SkySparc’s Patch Upgrade as-a-Service.


Head of Quality Center

Torbjörn joined SkySparc as head of Quality Center, a centralized unit with dedicated staff and resources solely focused on patch upgrades. He spent eight years at TradeTech Consulting / Virtusa as a senior and then managing consultant, having previously worked as a systems manager at SEB, the European Central Bank and Sveriges Riksbank.

I’m delighted to be relocating to Stockholm to join a fast-growing team dedicated to supporting Murex clients across the Nordic region. SkySparc has the culture, skills and experience to deliver significant long-term to Murex users.


Senior consultant

Damien joined SkySparc from Montreal-headquartered National Bank of Canada, where he worked for three years as senior Murex consultant. During this time, he led a functional streaming initiative and a major foreign exchange and FX options migration project, in parallel with being engaged as an expert by the EOD squad team for the overnight support. Previously, as a highly-respected functional specialist at Murex in Paris, Damien developed deep client relationships with a number of global institutions in various roles in Murex’s Customer Evolution Support and Customer Delivery Services divisions. He was also frequently engaged by Murex training center to provide training to clients’ end-users and IT teams.

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Manager / Murex Technical Lead

Markus obtained his degree in mathematics and computer science in his native Germany, and has more than 17 years’ experience of installing, upgrading and managing Murex at a wide range of banks and financial institutions, as well as designing and implementing related interfaces and applications. His technical capabilities – together with his experience of developing and using tools to automate and monitor Murex instances – have enabled SkySparc to offer TCO (total cost of ownership) reduction technical services and support services to the Murex client base. Marcus has strong communicating skills and works well with multinational and cross-functional teams.




Having graduated in economics in her native Russia, Aleksandra obtained her M.S. in business administration in Sweden, and worked as a risk analyst at a custodian in Stockholm for two years, before joining SkySparc in 2017.

As part of Quality Center’s core team dedicated to deliver high-quality patch upgrade projects to SkySparc, Aleksandra has gained experience within all aspect of testing Wallstreet Suite. Her educational background and professional experience allow Aleksandra to analyze issues and translate the outcome into concrete actions and proposals for improvement.




Born and educated in Pakistan, Amin lived in Saudi Arabia for many years, before settling in London with his family. As a qualified chartered accountant and cost & management accountant, Amin has a deep understanding of the tools and techniques commonly used in the financial industry. His experience prior to SkySparc includes several years as treasury manager and associate treasury director with Merck Sharp & Dohme, with responsibility for the firm’s in-house banking, payment factory, inter-company loans and related accounting process. Amin combines back-office project management leadership expertise with hands-on FX and money market trading experience.



Head of Finance

Born in Sweden with a Palestinian heritage, Rana obtained a business and economics degree and worked as a finance assistant for five years before joining SkySparc in early 2012. Rana’s hard work has seen her rise quickly up the corporate ladder from finance assistant to payroll and accounting officer, before being promoted to head of finance in 2015. With eleven years’ experience working in finance, Rana is still as motivated and driven as ever, as SkySparc takes the next steps in its collective journey, ensuring her hand-picked finance and administration team remain motivated, supportive and focused on results.



Senior Manager

Magnus started his professional career at Reuters in the 1980s, before taking on multiple roles at a TMS and management consulting firm, acquiring an extensive understanding of financial markets systems and in-depth Wallstreet Suite knowledge. Combining both technical and financial skills, Magnus is an invaluable asset to client and internal projects. Over the last two decades, Magnus has implemented and upgraded treasury systems for a large number of customers and programmed interfaces to GL systems, clearing systems, payments systems and proprietary customer systems across the world.



Senior Consultant

Following high school graduation in his native Tunisia, Ismail completed his formal education in Sweden with an IT qualification that set him up for a varied and distinguished career in software support across the finance sector. Ismail first established himself as a problem-solver and trouble shooter for trading and treasury systems at SEB Wealth Management, where he rose to support team lead. He also spent a decade at TradeTech/Virtusa as senior consultant, supporting mission-critical systems for some of Sweden’s largest corporations. Joining SkySparc in 2019, Ismail brings 20 years’ experience of providing operational support to users of systems including Wallstreet Suite and Charles River.



Senior Engagement Manager

After obtaining a BSc in software engineering and an MSc in computer/ information sciences in his native Germany, Lars worked as a consultant at a management consulting firm in Frankfurt. Since joining in 2011, Lars has successfully led SkySparc’s effort to develop both the central bank/government client segment as well as the European treasury market in his role as senior engagement manager. Through his 13 years' experience of Wallstreet Suite, Lars has developed extensive knowledge of all its modules as well as related technologies. On projects, clients constantly benefits from Lars’ proven ability to meet requirements as well as quality and cost expectations.



Senior Engagement Manager

Theresia graduated with a bachelor of business administration from Griffith University in Australia, and has worked in Italy, France and the UK. Before joining SkySparc, she was an account manager for Wallstreet Systems/ION for almost two decades. In her current role as senior engagement manager, Theresia is focused on maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of software investment among SkySparc’s clients, particularly in the Nordic region.

Theresia’s broad range of professional competences includes analytical, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as strong leadership and project management abilities.



Head of Product Management

Marcus has an MSc from Linköping University, one of the top universities in Sweden, majoring in financial mathematics. Over the last decade and across various roles at SkySparc, he has built up an in-depth understanding of the different modules in Wallstreet Suite and has a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and instruments.

As product manager for OmniFi – SkySparc’s software platform for process automation in reporting and analytics, data management, reconciliation and testing – Marcus quickly grasps new information and approaches problems in a systematic way.



Head of Outsourced Support

Daniel's first job was at Shell, where he rose to become head of oil distribution for the Stockholm region. His career took a decisive turn in 1997 when he joined Devitec, took a university degree in creative computer science and went on to establish, build and manage the internal IT Service Desk at SBAB, managing their IT infrastructure together with in-house IT technicians and serving end-users. He then further developed his expertise during 11 years at TradeTech Consulting / Virtusa, where he built and led the firm’s multi-system Financial Systems Support function, serving banks, corporates and financial institutions. Daniel now leads SkySparc’s Outsourced Support service.




Having graduated with a MSc in electrical engineering from Lund University in Sweden, Martin worked in both technical and business support at multiple consultancies, including TradeTech Consulting/Virtusa.

Through his 15 +years of experience providing high-quality support to a range of trading, treasury and asset management systems users globally, he has developed an extensive knowledge of Wallstreet Suite. Allied with his deep expertise in problem analysis and enhancement developments, Martin brings great benefits to colleagues and clients alike.




Born and raised in China, Xinyun acquired degrees in business administration and in political science from Stockholm University and a master’s degree from Lund University, Sweden. Xinyun has hands-on experience in both macro- and micro-economic analysis, and worked previously as a credit analyst for Dagong Credit rating agency in Beijing, and as back-office assistant at the Bank of China in Stockholm.

At Skysparc’s Quality Center, Xinyun has gained experience in full lifecycle testing of Wallstreet Suite, creating test material, executing test cases and analysing test results for patch releases.


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