A platform that simplifies data integration

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business value

Today’s leaders are gaining insight by: enriching and aggregating data sources across platforms; reporting in real time; accessing Cloud-based tools; consuming APIs; and leveraging business intelligence analytics.

Build a

Business and operating models must be open, scalable and flexible. Streamline data flows and automate processes for: better, faster insights; greater choice of tools; accurate, efficient reporting.

Streamline and
automate complex

OmniFi delivers sustainable business value to the data-driven enterprise across the front, middle and back office, by empowering treasury teams to automate processes and integrate systems to enable seamless data flows.

Automate intelligently, integrate efficiently

Automate mission-critical processes
Streamline and enrich data flows
Integrate processes, tools and systems
Optimize analytics and decision support
Reduce risks and time
Increase efficiency and insights

Real business value through automation and analysis

Flexible delivery

The two methods can be combined to provide hybrid architecture.
You are also able to change the delivery method whenever you so wish.


OmniFi’s Cloud-first service model delivers comprehensive functionality and maintenance remotely, with minimal requirement for on-premise, reducing total cost of ownership. Under this SaaS model, SkySparc hosts and services the OmniFi platform and infrastructure, including application servers, storage, and database.


OmniFi is also available as an on-premise delivery, and will be installed and used locally, and the client’s IT department is in total control of the hardware and the installation, with or without the help of SkySparc.

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