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Driving Digital Confidence

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Unlock growth and achieve alpha by amplifying innovation: OmniFi

To outperform in today’s markets, asset managers need to have confidence and control of their data. The same data integrity is also prerequisite for regulatory and ESG reporting.

Rather than running the operational risk of attempting Excel calculations to ‘fix’ the data, or incurring massive costs involved in the arduous process of building a datalake or subscribing to incumbent data providers, asset management firms need affordable, easily-accessible, manageable solutions.

About Omnifi

SkySparc’s OmniFi, seamlessly interfaces with investment management, treasury, accounting and finance platforms and systems, including business intelligence tools. Fully automated, Omnifi leverages APIs to enhance efficiency and connectivity.

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Key Benefits

Achieve data confidence

Data delivered efficiently and accurately from the source, with the ability to seamlessly integrate, report, import, transform, load, and reconcile.

Manage business risk

Data integrations are streamlined between systems and platforms, ensuring synchronization and eliminating re-entry. Enhanced and documented data governance.

Eliminate key person risk

Never let a lack of in-house technological knowledge hold you back - instead employ external expertise to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Automate Data-driven Processes

OmniFi delivers sustainable business value by empowering data-driven asset management firms to automate processes and integrate systems to enable seamless data flows.

OmniFi assists in all your reporting and reconciliation needs. Today’s leaders are gaining insight by: enriching and aggregating data sources across platforms; reporting in real time; accessing cloud-based tools; consuming APIs; and leveraging business intelligence analytics.

OmniFi’s Web Portal offers an adaptive user interface, optimized performance and enhancements in every area of functionality, to ensure information is available, when, where and how the user needs it.

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